A Twitter account has taken to noting particularly obvious New York Times stories. The bio for @NYTOnIt is, "Because sometimes stories in newspapers are just *that* obvious."

A few recent tweets:

  • "GUYS, the soda jerk is making a comeback in - you guessed it - Brooklyn, and The Times is ON IT. http://nyti.ms/obtPYW"
  • "GUYS, people should not be buying puppies while drunk, and The Times is ON IT. http://nyti.ms/riSW7C"
  • "GUYS, serious writers shouldn't abuse the exclamation point, and The Times is ON IT! http://nyti.ms/ke8q9E"

An introductory post on Tumblr (which hasn't been updated for a while) explains the thinking behind the account: "From time to time, this space will serve to mock and highlight the ridiculousness that are lifestyles pieces. After a while, you’ll see that newspapers are just telling us what we already know."