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Greta Van Susteren says her colleague "should be subjected to scrutiny and to the same rules and vigorous scrutiny as other politicians," but if a news outlet "is seen as having a bad motive -- ie on a mission to destroy someone rather than trying to assemble noteworthy information and report -- it is not journalism but something else." She asks her GretaWire readers about the New York Times and Washington Post "hiring help" to go through Sarah Palin's emails. Her poll results: 3.26 percent say that's "good journalism," and 96.74 percent call it a "media colonoscopy." || Post ombud Patrick Pexton says he heard from people who accused the paper “ganging up” on Palin. "These tactics are never used to uncover dirt on the left, it is always attempted to find dirt on the right," one person complained. || Anchorage Daily News: Here's our plan for the Palin emails.
> Lawyer predicts that "after all this commotion, it will be a bunch of nothing"