Fox News
Greta Van Susteren offered Newt Gingrich some coaching on how to deal with the media in an interview Wednesday. Van Susteren noted that an ABC News story about questionable financial dealings of his charity said Gingrich got into a car and slammed the door as a reporter tried to interview him. Susteren said, "You may not want to talk about this, but the media is going to be asking you questions. And you know, you better be ready to answer them. And probably the better way to answer them would be to say, I'll line up my lawyers and my accountants, and you can ask them the questions, whether or not we've somehow merged the campaign and the charity." Gingrich responded that he didn't want to dignify a story "that I thought, frankly, was baloney," and the reporter should've simply covered his campaign speech. Susteren said:

"You act like you just landed here, like you've suddenly discovered that the media does these things. ... So you may not like it and you may want to take the high road, but the problem is, is you're getting hit with this stuff, and it's a lousy way to run a campaign."

She continued:

"All right, here's free advice. If you want to beat the media at its own game -- if you want to answer this, instead of letting an article like this go out there and make all sorts of suggestions ... you need to put an accountant and a lawyer who have handled all these charities and the transition to the campaign, put them in a room -- if you think you're going to be edited, put a camera on it, record it yourself so that you have back-up. But you got to face this head on."