The New York Times
As a younger crew of journalists climbs aboard campaign press buses, they're being schooled on "indiscretion management," reports Jeremy Peters. "In the new dynamic of campaigns, reporters themselves are targets both of political strategists as well as other journalists and bloggers. 'People are watching you,' Fernando Suarez, a CBS News reporter who covered Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, admonished the young reporters." He was photographed during a Clinton rally as he checked his email and Facebook. The reporters, who are being trained as part of a CBS News-National Journal partnership, must add "CBSNJ" to their Twitter handles and were urged not to break news on Twitter. “'If Jon Huntsman drops out of the race, we want to know back at the news desk,' Caroline Horn, senior producer of politics for CBS News, told them. 'We don’t want to find out about it on Twitter.'" || Related: Jake Tapper's 13 Pieces of Campaign Advice for Young Reporters