Project for Excellence in Journalism
That makes it the fourth-most covered scandal involving elected officials since the Project for Excellence in Journalism began tracking news in January 2007. (#1 is Rod Blagojevich’s corruption case; #2, Eliot Spitzer’s prostitute problems; and #3, Larry Craig’s "wide stance.") Anthony Weiner was easily the dominant newsmaker last week, with nearly triple the coverage devoted to President Obama. PEJ's Mark Jurkowitz reports:

The week’s No. 2 story was the economy (11% of the newshole) although coverage slipped markedly from the previous week (19%) when gloomy reports about the jobs and housing markets fueled the news. Last week, a mix of storylines contributed to the economic narrative.

The economy was followed closely by the continuing upheaval in the Mideast (11%). A big part of the story last week was the chaos in both Syria and Yemen, including reports that U.S. has become increasingly involved, targeting airstrikes at militants in the latter country.

Coverage of the presidential campaign dropped last week, filling 8% of the newshole compared with 12% the previous week.

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