Some commencement speech reports:

* Wolf Blitzer at Penn State: Given the current economic environment, "you have no luxury of slacking or going on cruise control." | Photos of Blitzer.
* Tom Brokaw at University of Montana: Technology itself won't make the world better. "You will not solve global warming by hitting the delete button. You will not eliminate reckless avarice by hitting backspace."
* Robert Krulwich at Berkeley Journalism School: "You are stepping into a world that is riper, more pregnant with newness, new ideas, new beats, new opportunities than most generations of journalists before you."
* Bill Moyers at Whittier College: "I'm not sure anyone from my generation has anything to say to your generation except, 'We're sorry.'"
* Howard Fineman at Colgate: "It is an exciting, even exhilarating, time. The breathtaking promise of it is why I left Newsweek after 30 years and joined the Huffington Post."
* USA Today editor John Hillkirk at Penn State Schuylkill: "Young people of today are in such a powerful position to change and improve the world in ways that, as a little as a decade ago, were seemingly impossible."
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