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Michael Calderone describes how two groups of U.S. news outlets raced Sunday night to report news of the "Gitmo files," the latest secret document disclosure from WikiLeaks. In one camp were WikiLeaks' partners, The Washington Post and McClatchy, who had agreed to hold their stories until WikiLeaks posted the documents on its site. In the other were The New York Times and NPR, who weren't constrained by the embargo because the Times had gotten the documents elsewhere — again. The Times and NPR, working in concert, planned to publish their stories Sunday night, which appears to have spurred WikiLeaks to suddenly lift its embargo. "All I know is I spent nearly the last month digging through documents and was surprised tonight to learn that the embargo was about to be lifted on two hours notice," Carol Rosenberg of The Miami Herald told Calderone. First with the story was The Telegraph in the U.K., Calderone says, followed by the Times and NPR and then the Post and McClatchy. || Related: CJR's 2007 article on Al-Jazeera cameraman held at Guantanamo. || Discuss: New York Times journalists answer questions about the documents.

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