The Wrap
Lucas Shaw compares Business Insider to Huffington Post: "With a reputation for overly sensational headlines, a more-is-better aggregation policy, the less savory similarities between the sites start to pile up." Shaw describes Business Insider's practice of dividing stories into slide shows as "obvious traffic bait," but founder Henry Blodget says they're simply an efficient way to convey information.

Asked about Business Insider's aggregation practices, Blodget says Huffington "went through a phase where everyone was complaining constantly about how HuffPost was a ‘parasite’ because they linked out for their content. Then everyone realized, ‘Hey wait, HuffPost can send us a lot of traffic, so maybe we want them to link to us.’ And then the view of this linking changed." || Related: Henry Blodget: Over-aggregation is the ‘new perceived sin’ in Web publishingHuffington Post suspends writer, apologizes for over-aggregated postBusiness Insider ranked sixth most valuable blog