I asked NPR reporter David Folkenflik if there was any discussion or reluctance at the network about having a fired NPR reporter return to NPR studios to promote a book that attacks NPR. He told me:

None I'm aware of. Certainly none that had any bearing on whether I covered the book and how I covered it. I made the call along with the two editors who help supervise my coverage of NPR. (Neither had any involvement in NPR's termination of Juan's contract.) This struck us as newsworthy for an audience that had heard a lot about this as it was happening, but it was also worth reporting on, not simply treating as a book plug. To their lasting credit, NPR executives and senior editors have never interfered or even sought to guide my coverage of the network, even at moments when it discomfited them. That also holds for NPR's former senior vp for news and CEO who left in the aftermath of the Williams firing. They allowed us to do our jobs.