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Wonkette blogger Jack Stuef's post making fun of Sarah Palin's disabled son Trig was called "irredeemably vile" and "unfunny," "disgraceful" and "gross." And now, after two major companies pulled their ads from Wonkette and Steuf apologized, the post has been removed. Mediaite noted earlier this week, "As if jokes about Trig’s Down Syndrome aren’t bad enough on their own, Stuef goes the extra mile to pen kneeslappers about incest, child rape, and fetal alcohol syndrome." Adweek notes: "Even Gawker’s Nick Denton, who'd founded Wonkette before selling it in 2008, told Adweek, 'I don't believe we would have done that post.'" || Earlier from Wonkette editor Ken Layne: "As you know on the internet there is no 'taking down the post.' Why even try that? So people like you can get another freelance internet column out of it by feigning outrage again?" || Related: 5 Ways News Organizations Respond to ‘Unpublishing’ Requests