The Loebs -- considered the most prestigious award in business journalism -- were presented Tuesday night at a dinner ceremony in New York.

Wall Street Journal winners:
* Julia Angwin, Emily Steel, Scott Thurm and staff win the Online Enterprise category for “What They Know”
* Ben Casselman, Russell Gold, Douglas A. Blackmon, Vanessa O’Connell, Alexandra Berzon and Ana Campoy win (Large Newspapers) for “Deep Trouble,” about the Gulf oil spill
* Tom Lauricella, Peter A. McKay, Scott Patterson, Jenny Strasburg, Robin Sidel, Carolyn Cui and Mary Pilon for “Flash Crash” (Breaking News)
* Kara Swisher wins the Blogging category for “Live-blogging Yahoo Earnings Calls in 2010 (They’re Funny!)”

Bloomberg News winners:
* Amanda Bennett and Charles R. Babcock win the Magazines award for “End-of-Life Warning at $618,616 Makes Me Wonder Was It Worth It”
* Daniel Golden, John Hechinger and John Lauerman win Beat Reporting for “Education Inc.” on for-profit colleges
* David Evans takes the News Services prize for “Profiting From Fallen Soldiers,” about life insurers’ practices.

New York Times winners:
* Paul Krugman wins the Commentary category for his op-ed page columns
* Ron Lieber wins Personal Finance for “Student Debt."

More Loeb Awards and links to the winning entries are here.