The Journal's paid print circulation in the New York area was 224,165 on March 17, 2010, just before its Greater New York section was introduced. (Remember how it was "welcomed" by New York Times's top execs?) It dropped to 216,421 on March 23, 2011 -- a 3.5% decline. Nat Ives points out:

Then again, the Journal has generally been declining in print even as its electronic subscribers grow, so it's conceivable that Greater New York's metro coverage has helped win subscribers to the Journal's digital products even if it hasn't lifted print or even held it steady. The Journal declined to say how many of its recently added electronic subscribers come from the New York area.

The New York section is winning over advertisers, though, according to WSJ chief revenue officer Michael Rooney. "The revenue for the region is up 100 percent."