Staffers for The Onion tell Politico's Patrick Gavin that they relish skewering politicians and journalists in Washington, D.C., including the media's incessant focus on who's up and who's down. Moreover, the staff finds inspiration in Washington "getting more corrupt, bizarre, depressing in ways that you would almost never be able to predict," says Executive Producer Will Graham. Fictional Washington correspondent Jane Carmichael explains the flap over The Onion's ill-received "breaking news" tweet about a hostage situation at the Capitol: “The last thing The Onion wanted to do was start a panic. Panicked people run amok in the streets instead of sitting quietly in front of their televisions increasing the Onion News Network’s ratings." || Speaking of satire: Will Atwood Mitchell, web programmer for Washington City Paper, urges staff to put the word "iPhone" in headline of every story Tuesday, regardless of what the story is about. "Don't worry, it's just SEO!" || Earlier: The Onion editorial staff to move from New York to Chicago