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11-year-old Eli Boardman wanted to "build community" in his Colorado neighborhood so at the age of 6 he started a neighborhood newspaper. Five years and 200 editions later, he spends an hour or so each day on the project, which he personally delivers once a week to his 75 local subscribers. Another nearly 150 people receive the Boardman Camera by mail or digitally. And this is Boardman's second newspaper. Read Laura Snider's story to learn more about the young entrepreneur and how his community is responding to his work. Two does not yet make a trend, but a 13-year-old in Florida is not only publishing a biweekly paper -- the Dallas Star News -- he actually has an ad supplement, reports Cherlene Willis. 

Co-owner of Java Nirvana Mark Pohlman says Dallas has star quality.

“He’s our little Donald Trump. He’s a go-getter, a hustler,” Pohlman said.

Pohlman says he pays $3.00 to include Java Nirvana’s business card in each issue.

“I think the most I’ve ever spent was eight or nine dollars. That included the business card and a little article,” Pohlman said.