The New York Times
According to a Times graphic in Sunday's newspaper, 7,282 reporters and editors are in the rarefied circle of the 1 percent. (The interactive version doesn't appear to include this category.) To be included in the graphic, at least 2 percent of people with that job have to live in households with incomes of $380,000. That means that at least 2 percent of all reporters and editors live in households with that income. It's possible that some of those 7,300 reporters and editors simply married well. Not fortunate enough to live in a household with a $380,000 annual income? Enter your household income in this calculator to see how you stack up nationally and locally. The median income of journalism majors is $50,000, which is just below the median for the U.S. || Related: Journalists are the 99 percent too, says new Tumblr (Poynter) | Census says journalism majors make about $50,000 (Poynter)