"We signed off on our proofs for the 2012 Stylebook today so printing is moving along," the Associated Press wrote on its Facebook page Tuesday night. Assuming my monitor is displaying colors properly, the new cover sports a regal purple backdrop for some neon abstract shapes that echo the letters in the news service's new logo.

Tina Antonion, the AP's director of branding and creative services, designed the cover. She says purple is "a whole new frontier" for the news service. With the logo redesign, the company's designers gained new palettes of "deeps," including the regal purple, and "brights," including those lines. Those, she says, were intended to give the book a "sense of movement"; the connection to the logo represents that AP is "connected to our sources, to our customers."

The sans serif typeface is called "Good"; the serif one is "Freight Text." The red bar under the new logo punctuates the text on the front cover; Antonion says the red bar is there to "highlight important content." And the purple? "We wanted to bring more color into the newsroom," she says. The tone-on-tone cover is reserved for what she calls "special cases" like a new Stylebook, "or perhaps if we do something for the Olympics."

The price of the Stylebook will go up $1, to $20.95. See the cover: