The New York Times announced Sunday it would launch a Brazilian Web site. In an interview with Sérgio Dávila and Nelson De Sá of the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, Times publisher and New York Times Company chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. talked about the company's global competitive landscape.

But how do you see "The Financial Times" in this global future that you envision for news and for "The New York Times"? As a competitor?

Of course, but it's a healthy competitor. The joy of the "FT" is that you can trust its journalism. It's got great standards, and meets them. Those are the kind of competitors we all value and respect. The same way we all value "The Washington Post", as a competitor. Because we're playing in the... we both have the same goal, to enhance society by creating and collecting and distributing high quality news and information.

Where do you put Rupert Murdoch in this field?
Rupert does his own thing.

You don't see him as a competitor?
Of course, there's no question that they're very... There are many different kinds of competitors, and he's certainly one of them.