Brian Braiker reports from Tuesday's meeting at which members of the storied Park Slope Food Coop voted on whether they should vote on stocking products from Israel.

Park Slope, an upscale neighborhood in Brooklyn, has perhaps the best-covered food coop in the world; The New York Times, the New York Daily News, WPIX and New York magazine were among the media outlets monitoring the vote. The coop's previous deliberations on bags have engendered the greatest series of live tweets you'll read this quarter.

"It also didn't hurt publicity that 87% of New York's working journalists live in Park Slope – your correspondent, a co-op member in good standing for nearly a decade, included," Braiker writes. I'm still new here, so I'm not clear on whether I can ask PolitiFact to take up that statement. I'd be surprised if the figure were higher than 84 percent.