The Baltimore Sun
Always check the "To:" line! Assistant Maryland State Attorney Cynthia M. Hahn advised the Maryland Stadium Authority not to speak with the press about a problem-plagued Grand Prix race scheduled to take place in Baltimore on Labor Day. The email went to the Sun.

In an email apparently sent to The Baltimore Sun by mistake, an attorney for the stadium authority noted that the delayed contract could "present some PR problems" for the race group and advised the authority spokeswoman to "refrain discussing this with the Sun."

"At this point, I would give the Sun no information until we find out if [Downforce Racing] has the necessary signatures," Cynthia M. Hahn, an assistant state's attorney, said in an email to the stadium authority's spokeswoman.

Neither Hahn nor stadium authority officials responded to inquiries as to why the agency was concerned with protecting Downforce or concealing information from The Sun.