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Northwestern University's football contest against Syracuse University Saturday proved one thing for sure: Journalism-related college-football trash talk is astonishingly painful to read. Witness these exchanges from ESPN employees who attended the universities' respective j-schools:

“When it comes to Northwestern and Syracuse it’s all about the names: Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism vs. Syracuse’s Newhouse School of Public Communication. Communication? Anyone with a Twitter account can communicate. Journalism is a craft, and Northwestern alumni do it best. Just count the Pulitzer Prize winners.” — JA Adande

"I don’t have any side-bets with Northwestern alumni, because they are too hard to find. There’s a Syracuse alum around every corner." —Dave Pasch

Northwestern squeaked it out. But Syracuse's newspaper, The Post-Standard, got the better quote: "The outcome is not what we wanted,” coach Doug Marrone told Nolan Weidner.