Former Los Angeles Times reporter Maggie Farley is married to outgoing Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli. In a public posting on Facebook Tuesday evening (which vanished after Poynter published this story), she wrote:

On Tuesday, Post publisher Katharine Weymouth told me Brauchli "decided to step down." This doesn't definitively refute that explanation, but it leaves a nasty dent. I've contacted Brauchli and a Post spokesperson for comment.

Related: The "Post’s troubles are a business problem, not an editorial one," Ryan Chittum writes in a piece that's strongly sympathetic to Brauchli. (In it, Chittum calls back to an earlier analysis of the Post's finances he wrote that Poynter's Rick Edmonds said "left out the contributions of [the Washington Post Company's] cable and broadcast divisions.") There's also a good intel file on incoming Executive Editor Marty Baron from the Boston Phoenix, a "talent who thrives on adversity," Peter Kadzis writes.