People who watch a network's video online also spend 25 percent more time watching that network on their television sets, according to a new comScore study. From the report:

Ten thousand people participated in the comScore study.

That finding comes from one of the first studies using a new method that examines how a single group of people consume video across TV, the Internet and mobile devices.

The results show that TV networks, on average, are reaching more than a quarter of their total audiences via mobile or Internet media, and 11 percent are digital-only consumers. Among news, sports and youth-oriented networks, up to 30 percent of the audience was reached through multiple devices during the five-week study.

TV networks reach 17 percent of their audience across both TV and computer screens, and another 11 percent are digital-only.

Another interesting finding: 61 percent of consumers used the Internet at the same time as they watched TV at some point during the study. Nearly half of those used Facebook, specifically.

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