Bloomberg Businesweek

The next issue of Bloomberg Businessweek will feature a photo illustration by Justin Metz of President Obama's face weathered by time and worry: "no matter how successful he is, the hardest job in the world will take its toll," a blog post explaining the cover says.

The magazine also sent out the Romney cover it would have run had the Republican challenger won:

For no reason other than that I haven't had much sleep, I animated the covers.

Last June, Newsweek aged a photo of Princess Diana to posit what she might look like at 50. Businessweek's cover last week linking Hurricane Sandy to global warming was bold, too, but I didn't see it getting mocked the way Newsweek's attempts to court controversy (or, if you prefer, "conversation") with its print covers have been lampooned over the past two years. Businessweek had a soberly argued piece backing up its headline, though. Two recent talky Newsweek covers, "Muslim Rage" and "Heaven Is Real," on the other hand, did not.