CNN scored a couple of "exclusive op-eds" from the Democrat and the Republican presidential candidates, a "breaking news" banner on its site says.

In these exclusive pieces, we learn President Obama believes:

  • "There are no Democrats or Republicans during a storm -- only fellow Americans."
  • "America's prosperity was built on the strength of our middle class."
  • "The path Governor Romney offers is the one we tried for eight years after President Clinton left office -- a philosophy that says those at the very top get to play by a very different set of rules than everyone else."

And Mitt Romney believes:

  • "America is a place where freedom rings."
  • His economic recovery plan has "five central elements that will in four years create 12 million jobs." Those points are outlined in his exclusive op-ed.
  • "I am offering real change and a real choice."

To alert us to these pitches, the cable network also sent this breaking news email: "CNN has just published exclusive op-eds by President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in which each candidate outlines his closing arguments for the election and vision for the next four years."