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CNN named former NBCUniversal CEO Jeffrey Zucker its new president Thursday.

Zucker continues, "The global reach and scale of the CNN brand is unparalleled in all of news. Outside of my family and the Miami Dolphins, there is nothing I am as passionate about as journalism."

"Mr. Zucker will be expected to revive the American network to competitive standing against its rivals, Fox News and MSNBC," Brian Stelter and Bill Carter write, "even as it maintains its position as a non-partisan news network opposing those speaking from the right (Fox) and left (MSNBC.)"

In a memo to staff published by TVNewser
, Turner Broadcasting Chairman Phil Kent writes:

We have both short-term and long-term challenges ahead, from strengthening our normal news day programming to navigating through the changing consumption patterns of news. We are in a great position to do that with strong business fundamentals, terrific journalists and very strong platforms: two domestic networks, an international network and an innovative digital business, as well as our other enterprises.

CNN's primetime ratings have dropped to historic lows, though that hasn't affected the network's bottom line.

In a conference call with media, Zucker and Kent acknowledged the challenges and hinted at where changes will come:

Zucker will be based in New York, a first for the Atlanta company.

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