Stacy Green and Drake Martinet got hitched last weekend in Key West, Fla. Their engagement was of great interest to the Internet earlier this year, when Martinet presented Green with an infographic that demonstrated what he called the "incredibly small chance that I would have met her."

“I wanted to showcase that even though I’m pretty logical, and probably over-logical, I still believe in small miracles,” Martinet told Mallary Tenore when she wrote about the proposal earlier this year. (The story marked probably the first time the word "adorkable" appeared on

Martinet's proposal ran on both Mashable and All Things Digital, where he was employed at the time. He's now the social editor of NowThisNews, and Green was recently named Mashable's chief marketing officer. The infographic became something of a cultural moment, even inspiring an animated film.

The New York Times reported that Green "will take her husband’s name." The Martinets will also, as this animated GIF suggests, share pageviews.

"We just got so married" on Twitpic