"I remember when I returned to FORBES 20 months ago. One of the first things we did was to put a page-view counter at the top of every post. ... Some of the early page-view counts embarrassed staffers and contributors. They would quickly cry for home page promotion, thinking that would boost their traffic," writes Lewis DVorkin, Forbes' chief product officer, in a piece about the tools and strategies the magazine is using to promote long-form journalism. "Fast-forward to today. I can’t remember the last time someone requested home page promotion to drive page views to their short or long stories." || Related: A.J. Daulerio on Gawker: “Traffic is still important, of course, but I just think we can shift the priorities a bit and make the site work for the writer instead of the other way around” || Previously: How Long-Form Journalism Is Finding Its Digital Audience (Forbes) | contributor says publishing platform ‘allows me to make OK money working part time.’ | Trolling the Internet with 'If I Were A Poor Black Kid'