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Liane Membis, the Wall Street Journal intern fired for fabricating sources, is still representing Connecticut in the Miss Black America pageant. Aleta Anderson, executive producer of the pageant, tells Oulimata Ba that she spoke with Membis after she was fired.

“In my conversation with her she denies the allegations,” Anderson said. “Her claim is that that’s her actual source on the bridge when she was writing the story.”

The Journal said in an editor's note that Membis fabricated many of the sources in a story about the re-opening of a pedestrian bridge in Manhattan.

Membis' denial doesn't exactly square with what she told the Yale Daily News:

“For me, I know personally it was an honest reporting mistake that I made,” Membis said. “This is definitely something I’ve never done before.”

Anderson said the quotations sound authentic to her. "In my opinion people really do talk like that ... I don’t have any verification that her story is incorrect. ... And she is worthy to have written for the Wall Street Journal”

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