Fox News broadcast Jodon Romero's suicide Friday at the end of a car chase. His sister Nature Romero tells NBC affiliate KPNX in Phoenix, "That shouldn't have been the way that any of us had to learn about my brother's death." Nature Romero also spoke with KNXV, ABC's Phoenix affiliate, saying "We are hurting right now. We have so many unanswered questions."

Fox apologized Friday for the "severe human error" that led to it broadcasting Jodon Romero shooting himself. "We took every precaution," executive vice president for news Michael Clemente said in a statement. Poynter's Al Tompkins wrote "One precaution the network could have tried: Not to air the chase at all."

I've phoned the news director at Phoenix Fox owned-and-operated station KSAZ to ask whether the Romero family has spoken to its reporters. KPNX reporter Ed Tribble ended his report by saying: "The family is critical of the network, saying it's the image that will always stick with them."