The Cagle Post
Critics of Gary McCoy's cartoon showing a dark-haired woman in a Georgetown sweatshirt demanding free birth control from the government and soliciting sex on a bathroom door are mistaken if they think McCoy is referring to Sandra Fluke, a dark-haired Georgetown student who testified in front of Congress about contraception, he tells Daryl Cagle in an email.

And one major detail that the press, and most of the people spewing hate at me didn’t bother to notice or acknowledge, is that the woman in my cartoon A) doesn’t even look like Sandra Fluke (According to many of the people who critiqued me), and B) Isn’t even labeled Sandra Fluke. So basically, it’s a generic woman, saying what many ultra-liberal feminists have said before, specifically that government should stay out of their wombs, but still provide them with free birth control, which is the definition of hypocrisy.

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