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Google is developing a new article commenting system tied to its Google+ social network, an unnamed source tells The Next Web.

The Google comment system, which will almost certainly rival that of Facebook, will have deep links to Google’s network of services and websites, indexing comments in Google Search, and most significantly, the system will be available for use on third party sites.

Meanwhile, Disqus is beta-testing the next version of its popular commenting plugin, codenamed Disqus 2012. The biggest addition to the new version is a "community" tab that shows the most active discussions and the most frequent commenters across the site. Here's what that looks like:

Disqus 2012

Disqus 2012 also has a number of aesthetic changes and small new features. There are social sharing buttons for each comment, and readers can vote each comment up or down. Until now, Disqus users could "like" a good comment, but there was no way to express disapproval of a bad comment.

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