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Several Spanish-language weekly newspapers in California have folded in recent years due to both economic and political reasons, says Eduardo Stanley. He quotes journalists who say the English-language daily papers that owned these Spanish-language weeklies were out of touch. "Those who established these newspapers saw it only as business,” Miguel Baez, former editor of Noticiero Semanal, told Stanley. “It's hard to put a face on a project like that if your only interest is money. If you don't believe in the project, how are you going to promote it?”

Stanley said many of the Spanish-language papers weren't generating enough advertising revenue, despite efforts to charge advertisers extra for a "combo" newspaper package in Spanish and English. The 2010 State of the Spanish Language Media report found that advertising in Spanish-language publications dropped from $103 million in 2008 to $77 million in 2009. || Related: Ken Doctor says “We’re witnessing the death and life of California news."