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A memo from Los Angeles Times President Kathy Thomson broke the news in an email to staffers Tuesday: "...the entire magazine industry has been faced with a very challenging environment. We are not immune to the challenges and have made the decision that LA, Los Angeles Times Magazine will publish its final issue on June 3rd." Seven people, including Editor Nancie Clare, will lose their jobs. Clare told Matthew Fleischer she didn't think there'd be jobs for the cashiered employees elsewhere at the paper: "Part of what’s going on is a contraction. They’re contracting in the newsroom too. There’s nowhere to absorb us."

The Times' magazine has had a rough ride since 2008, when Tribune placed the magazine under the control of the paper's advertising department. Russ Stanton, then the paper's editor, insisted the name be changed so readers wouldn't think it was still a newsroom product. In 2009, the magazine was moved back to editorial and Clare was named editor.