The Root
If there were any reporters on Forbes' list of the richest Americans, they evaded my notice (owners of news organizations did great, though). Content-creators are well-represented on The Root's annual list of 100 prominent black people between the ages of 25 and 45. By my calculations, 14 percent of the people on The Root's list are media types:

  • MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry (No. 1)
  • New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow (No. 16)
  • American Prospect writer Jamelle Bouie (No. 26)
  • MSNBC host Tamron Hall (No. 33)
  • NPR host Audie Cornish (No. 40)
  • Atlantic blogger Ta-Nehisi Coates (No. 44)
  • OWN host Wes Moore (No. 45)
  • Mother Jones reporter Adam Serwer (No. 58)
  • Ebony Editor-in-Chief Amy DuBois Barnett (No. 65)
  • Incoming BET host T.J. Holmes (No. 77)
  • Columnist Roland Martin (No. 78)
  • New York Times reporter Jenna Wortham (No. 86)
  • Writer/TV guy Touré (No. 87)
  • "Daily Show" correspondent Wyatt Cenac (No. 89)