Nate Silver continued his critique of punditry Wednesday night, Mike Allen reports in Thursday's "Playbook" briefing. Speaking to ABC's Jonathan Karl at a Google event in Washington, D.C., Silver said: In journalism, there are a lot of "people who are maybe liberal … who are terrified of being perceived as liberal, and so they maybe overcompensate in different ways."

“I don't want to totally lump reporters and pundits in together, right? It's kind of venial sins versus cardinal sins basically -- right? -- where reporting is very, very important and journalism is very, very important, and there are some things about campaign coverage that I might critique. Whereas punditry is fundamentally useless.”

Silver said he tries to think carefully about what he says and how he says it, especially on his blog. Twitter is good for "sarcastic, little remarks" and is "my outlet ... to have a different kind of personality," he said.

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