The New York Times corrected four errors in a story about... the New York Times Company:

Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated the earnings per share for 2010. It was 71 cents, not 74 cents. The article also misstated the time period for the increase in digital advertising’s share of overall advertising revenue. The figures are annual, not quarterly.  A description of the 50-cent price increase for newsstand copies of The New York Times was incorrect, based on information from the Times Company.  The price increase was for Monday through Saturday issues, not Monday through Friday. Finally, the company also referred imprecisely to the number of digital subscribers to at the end of December. The number provided — 390,000 — included digital subscriptions to The International Herald Tribune, which were offered beginning in November. (That figure has been deleted from the article.)

Thanks to @DaveCullen and @sarah_millar for the tip. || Related: Fourth quarter earnings report shows New York Times Co. sites have 406,000 digital subscribers