The New York Times corrected three errors in its obituary for journalist Jeffrey Zaslow:

An obituary on Saturday about the author Jeffrey Zaslow contained several errors. The bookstore where Mr. Zaslow appeared on Thursday, the night before he was killed in an automobile accident, was in Petoskey, Mich., not in Elmira, Mich. Randy Pausch, the subject and co-author of Mr. Zaslow's book ''The Last Lecture,'' delivered the talk that gave the book its title when he learned he was dying of pancreatic cancer, not ''an ailment similar to Lou Gehrig's disease.'' And the plane that the pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger III, whose book ''Highest Duty'' Mr. Zaslow co-wrote, landed in the Hudson River in 2009 was an Airbus A320 with about 150 passengers, not a commuter plane.