A Pew study of young people's library habits yields some interesting stats:

  • Some 40% of Americans under age 30 regularly read daily news or newspapers, compared with 62% of older adults.
  • Younger Americans are also are less likely to read newspapers on any particular day; among these regular news readers, 56% of those under age 30 read news on a typical day, compared with 78% of those over 30.
  • Additionally, among regular news readers, 71% of those under age 30 consume their news on a computer or handheld devices such as a tablet, e-reader, or cell phone, compared with 51% of older adults.

Though young adults are less likely to read news than older adults, "Americans under age 30 are more likely than older adults to do reading of any sort (including books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and online content)."

In Pew's most recent news consumption study, 23 percent of people said they'd read a newspaper the day before.