Mile High Report
Peyton Manning is working out with his new teammates. In a fan post, one member of Broncos Nation toasts the new Denver QB's skills at evading the press:

"You notice how NO ONE is coming up with any pictures of the work outs?" writes metalman5050. "PM is making certain that it doesn’t happen." metalman thinks Manning's stealth augurs well for his field performance: "it also shows how much in tune with him the group of players working out are already, because it appears that no one else is being followed to the work outs either."

"First off if there is a paparazzi in Denver they would starve," Tim Rasmussen, the Denver Post's AME for photography, writes in an email responding to my question of just how much of a problem it might be for Manning to evade Mile High City lenspeople. "The issue is that the Broncos and Manning are protecting any workouts." Rasmussen says it's "not unusual" for the team to keep locations secret.

"We did photograph one workout, from a tip from a FedEx driver," Rasmussen says. "We are not activity perusing workouts but would shoot if we find out."