The social question-and-answer website Quora released a new feature today that makes it easier for journalists and other publishers to quote from the expert answers posted on the network. Just highlight specific text in an answer and click the "embed quote" button, or go to the bottom of the answer and click the "embed" link to grab the whole thing. The popup provides an embed code to paste into your story.

For example, here is a snippet from former Wall Street Journal reporter Keith Winstein's top-rated answer about "the terms used when negotiating with reporters about sourcing and attribution."

Read Quote of Anon User's answer to What are all the terms used when negotiating with reporters about sourcing and attribution? on Quora
Of course, it was previously possible to quote Quora answers the old-fashioned way -- with quote marks around regular text, and a link back to the source. But the new way has some advantages. First, the answer page on Quora will add a "trackback" link to your article and others that have embedded the answer. Second, if the answer is edited later, your embedded quote will automatically show readers a link to get to the new version.

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