Los Angeles Times
Ashley Powers writes that she was wearing a press badge issued by the Clark County Republican Party as she took notes about the speeches at a Republican caucus. "It wasn’t much of a secret that I was a reporter." But the woman running the caucus for precinct 1721 said no reporters were allowed:

The verdict on my presence was loud, and near-unanimous.


“You’re a bunch of liars!” someone shouted.

“Spy! She’s a spy!” someone else said.

A woman waved a button at me, which said: DON’T BELIEVE THE LIBERAL MEDIA.

Tough crowd, I thought.

Later Powers tweeted, "Guess what #precinct1721? U didn't let me back in & I still know how u voted. Mitt 60, Newt 42, Paul 8, Rick 8. Maybe I am a spy." || Related: Instead of lagging behind, AP was ahead of Google for Nevada caucus results (Poynter)