Fox News CEO Roger Ailes made headlines when he told UNC journalism students to "change your major" and he's looking to make them again with Monday night's talk at Ohio University. "One thing that qualifies me to run a journalism organization is the fact that I don't have a journalism degree," he said. The Ohio graduate also criticized New York Times reporters, saying "They are a bunch of lying scum". || Update: Howard Kurtz reports that "A senior Fox News executive says Ailes realizes he went too far and regrets using that language. In fact, the executive says, Ailes believes the Times has been fair to Fox under its new executive editor, Jill Abramson. Ailes has gotten to know Abramson over the years and respects her as an editor." || Highlights from Ailes' talk follow.

Roger Ailes criticizes New York Times, AP during Ohio University talk

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes made headlines last month when he told UNC journalism students they should "change your major." Monday night, he spoke at Ohio University about the Associated Press, the New York Times, Fox News, bias and journalism.

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Roger Ailes, CEO and chairman of Fox News Channel, is about to go on stage at Baker Ballroom. Follow us for updates. #AilesOUThePostCampus
OHIO: Compass | Roger AilesMay 16, 2012 From staff reports FOX News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes will present "FOX News: Past, Present and Future," during a public ...
"Is there an OU alumnus who has been a more consequential figure in American political life? " #AilesOUWesley Lowery
A campus newsroom was named for Ailes (class of '62), following a generous donation in 2007.
Ohio University to Rename Newsroom for FOX News' Roger Ailes | Fox NewsFOX News boss Roger Ailes will return to Ohio University later Tuesday for a ceremony rededicating the student radio and TV newsroom in h...
How often does a George Washington Forum speaker get such a big showing? Is this an average audience? #AilesOUJohn Nero
"I have one wish for OU - that it continues to be a place for debate and different points of view." - OU alum Roger Ailes #AilesOUBecca Cochran
Ailes began by talking about Fox's success.
Ailes: Fox not #1 because of ideology, it's because people choose to watch. Newstime reporting that those people are conservative. #AilesOUNewstime
"This year our profit will be roughly $1 billion. You have to make a profit to employ journalists." -Ailes #AilesOUThePostCampus
"In the early days of news, it was really a public service... but businesses are running tight. It became a profit center" — Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"Everyone thinks that the Internet is the next big thing but not many people have learned to monetize sites." -Ailes #AilesOUThePostCampus
"Other than Facebook and Google, most people on the internet get killed financially" — Ailes on Fox's internet expansion #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes: The Internet is an interesting thing, and it will keep rolling out, and eventually convergence will come. I'm watching it.Jonathan Peters
Ailes talked about media bias:
Ailes: "The only difference between Fox and CNN and MSNBC is we invite liberals to come on our show consistently." #AilesOUTyler Borchers
"We invite liberals to participate constantly" — Roger Ailes, citing Dennis Kucinich, Geraldine Ferraro, Juan Williams #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"They say we're too conservative - we've got 24 liberal contributors." — Roger Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes: One thing about liberals is they believe they're always right. Fox tries to fill a different niche: providing alternative viewpoints.Jonathan Peters
"Any newsroom that does not have diverse thought is in danger of failing." — Roger Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"I've never seen a so-called talking point" - Ailes, insisting that no Fox News anchors get GOP talking points #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes: Media Matters claims that it writes all of scripts for MSNBC evening programing #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"CNN is not that left but MSNBC is out of the news business now. Brian Williams doesn't want to be caught dead on MSNBC" — Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes with nothing but praise for Brian Williams (kind of), Candy Crowley and Wolf Blitzer #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"I think they ought to cancel the White House Correspondents dinner...the media is too close to politics" - Roger Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"If you're sucking up to power to get the right interview...that makes me uncomfortable" - Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Q: Is it fair to say you're more conservative than liberal? Ailes: "Well...I'm more conservative than you are." #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes: I'm not sure what my ideology is today. I guess I'm more conservative, because on individual issues I have more conservative views.Jonathan Peters
Ailes: "Sometimes I'm criticized for being ... too pro-democracy." #AilesOUTyler Borchers
Ailes responds to criticisms of bias by saying "Give me an example" to an audience that is prohibited from speaking. #AilesOUTyler Borchers
Previous speeches by Ailes have been fact-checked for claims like this:
Ailes: I killed one story in 15 years, when Howard Dean's kid got arrested during the campaign #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes had a few things to say about The New York Times and its former editor:
Oh no he's falling into the blame the whole New York Times and their political agenda thing. Honestly thought he'd be above that. #AilesOUCameron Dunbar
Andy Alexander and Roger Ailes sparring over whether or not Bill Keller got fired by the New York Times #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"(Keller) is finally admitting that The New York Times is a cest pool of bias" — Roger Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"They are a bunch of lying scum" — Roger Ailes, on NYTimes reporters #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Did someone at the NY Times not invite you to their birthday party or something? #AilesOUMaddie Wolfe
Ailes seems to regard the New York Times with the same respect that a dog regards the tree in the front yard. #AilesOUNewstime
Ailes also criticized the Associated Press, picking up a conversation he started on Ohio radio earlier:
"It tips left all of the time now," — Roger Ailes on the Associated Press #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"I would love for the AP to go back to being a neutral news source" — Roger Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes told WOUB that his company was negotiating a new deal with the AP. "$24 million is what News Corp. pays them for non-neutral news," Ailes said. AP Spokesman Paul Colford declined comment.
Roger Ailes Talks Negotiations With 'Non-Neutral' AP, His 'Fluke' Career - TVNewserFox News CEO Roger Ailes gave a very candid interview to WOUB, a public radio station in Athens, Ohio, where he was in town to speak at h...
Ailes spoke about journalists' responsibilities:
"Journalists have tremendous responsibilities. Their job is not to invent and support positions" — Roger Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"The constitution only protects one profession... the press." -Ailes #AilesOUThePostCampus
Ailes stresses fundamentals of journalism. But many journalist nowadays have lost sight of objectivity and what is news. #AilesOUJohn Nero
Ailes warns: "Be careful of the press." His words ring very true in this age of media weakness and partisan bickering. #AilesOUJohn Nero
"Democracy depends on freedom of the press. Freedom depends on fairness of the press."— Roger Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
With the last quote, Ailes is apparently trying to get every @ThePost employee to retweet the same quote. #AilesOUNewstime
Ailes' speech just wrapped up. Andy Alexander on stage now for the question-and-answer period #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes talked a bit about criticism of him:
Ailes: One thing that qualifies me to run a journalism organization is the fact that I don't have a journalism degree.Jonathan Peters
"You can't control your own persona." —Roger Ailes, before calling Esquire reporter a "bit of a wack job" #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes just called Tom Junod "a whackjob." Two Magazine Awards apparently don't excuse you for calling Ailes a bit contentious. #AilesOUNewstime
This is the Esquire profile that Ailes is referring to by @TomJunod, who he calls a "whack job" #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes on being called paranoid: "Yeah, that description came from me!" Punishment to moderator is a jab for reading Rolling Stone. #AilesOUNewstime
Ailes to Alexander: "I'm sure you've read Rolling Stone, you'd like it." Witnessing a fun fireside chat #AilesOU Cochran
"There have been plenty of times where I've thought 'Maybe I should just get out' " — Roger Ailes #AilesOUWesley Lowery
"I don't care if Jon Stewart does it, I don't care if Jay Leno does it" — Roger Ailes on being mocked and not liking to be taped #AilesOUWesley Lowery
Ailes: Jon Stewart is a comedian. He wouldn't do well without Fox. And he basically has admitted to me, in a bar, that he's a socialist.Jonathan Peters
Ailes: Jon Stewart admitted to being a socialist. Says Stewart told him, when they met at a bar, that he'd vote for Norman Thomas. #AilesOUAnthony Hennen
There was also some praise and criticism for former Washington Post ombud Andy Alexander, who moderated the question and answer session.
Ailes basically just made a case for censorship when Alexander asks why he's not allowing this to be taped, and got a big ovation. #AilesOUCameron Dunbar
Admiring @ohiou visiting professional Andy Alexander's interviewing prowess in moderating the conversation with Mr. Ailes #AilesOUBecca Cochran
RT @emorehart: The more I listen, the more I think Andy Alexander was the perfect choice for this interview. #AilesOUBrandon Carte
Andy Alexander's WaPo bias very obviously coming out during this Q&A. What does he think he is, a journalist? #AilesOUCameron Dunbar
In closing, Ailes essentially says "be invaluable" as his response to question about how to be successful #ailesouWesley Lowery