Attention headline writers of America: We have some revising to do. Poynter corrected its post about Sarah Tressler this morning after an email from the former Houston Chronicle reporter, who lost her position there after the Houston Press reported she had a second job as a stripper. I'd written Tressler was suing the Chronicle. Not true! With the help of Gloria Allred, she's filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint. Tressler says in an email to me:

If the EEOC determines that my termination was discriminatory, they may choose to settle the matter with a mediator out of court.

Otherwise, they may issue a "right to sue" letter.

So, I can see how this has gotten mixed up, but the fact is that I haven't sued the Chronicle, and may never sue the Chronicle.

The EEOC has assigned an investigator to the case and the investigation is ongoing. Ms. Allred, who helped me in the filing of the EEOC complaint, indicated that such an investigation usually takes months to reach a conclusion.

In a separate email to Poynter Online Director Julie Moos, Tressler wrote that she'd happily go back to the Chronicle:

I'm trained to be a journalist, and the Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Texas. Another opportunity like that would require me to move, and I'm a big fan of Houston.