Dan Zarrella
After studying thousands of tweets, researcher Dan Zarrella identified factors that tend to lead to the highest click-through rates on tweeted links. Among them: Write between 120 and 130 characters, place links about a quarter of the way through the tweet (not always at the end) and tweet only once or twice an hour. Links in retweets also are more likely to be clicked on, he said. Zarrella echoes other recent research claims that tweets are more effective when using more verbs and when posted on evenings or weekends. || Earlier: For more retweets, rely on verbs, buzzwords and brevity (Poynter.org) | How The Economist’s conversational tweets drive clicks, while Al Jazeera’s automation drives retweets (Poynter.org)

One section of Zarrella's infographic shows accounts that tweet many times an hour see much lower click-through rates.