George Harben | ABC
Politico's video coverage of the primaries was refreshing, writes George Harben.

"No surreal super talking heads, only the reporters and editors of the Politico. These people are on the ground. The commentary and coverage certainly beats CNN and MSNBC. I do not detect a bias or over inflated egos you see on other channels. In fact, I do not think these are TV trained correspondents, I think they are print journalists. It kind of shows and that makes it worth my time."

(I used to work for the same company that owns Politico.) The coverage isn't exactly "Wayne's World"-like: Maggie Haberman, Jim VandeHei, and Scott Thuman sit behind a desk on a pleasantly appointed set, and they cut away to live reports from Politico reporters around the country. Still, when they get a report from Mike Allen in the Politico newsroom, you can see a cable on the floor, and while I didn't look at the entire clip linked above, I did not see anyone disappear into a glass cube. (Also, Harben notes, the anchors voted whether to stay on the air at one point.) If I could bear to watch incremental coverage of events that don't interest me that much, this would probably be my choice, too.

Yahoo and ABC News' Web blast of Super Tuesday was also agreeably low-budget, with anchors Amy Walter and David Chalian sticking Velcro-backed pictures of candidates' heads on a map and sneaking into ABC's coverage. Here, they discuss Twitter with Phoebe Connelly. || Related: TVNewser liveblogged Super Tuesday coverage