Adam Sherk
An analysis of news organizations on Google+ finds that The New York Times has the most engaged audience there, with an average of about 248 "+1s," reshares or comments per post. Following were technology news sites Mashable and The Next Web, aided by the social network's early adoption among technology enthusiasts. Here is the top 10 out of 45 ranked by Adam Sherk:

Google+ Page Total +1s, shares
& comments per post
1. The New York Times 247.8
2. Mashable 144.6
3. The Next Web 112.4
4. NPR 78.4
5. Breaking News 70.4
6. TIME 68.5
7. NBC News 62.8
8. The Atlantic 59.9
9. The Wall Street Journal 58.8
10. TechCrunch 53.9

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