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Twitter rolled out a redesigned template for user profiles today that includes new space for a header image on each user's profile. Similar to Facebook's cover photos, the header image spreads the full width of the timeline and the username and traditional profile image sit on top of it.

Here's what it looks like on the profile page of The Today Show, where Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced the change this morning. Twitter has been partnering with NBC, including most recently on Olympics coverage.

To add an image to your profile, use the design settings page on or the profile settings section of any of the official Twitter mobile apps.

How to upload a new header image in the Twitter iPad app.

Twitter released a completely rebuilt iPad app today as well, which includes the new user profile design. It also adds support for expanding rich media in tweets, so photos, images or websites that a tweet links to may be previewed within the app. The iPad app now also has the Connect and Discover sections that were added to the website and smartphone apps months ago.

In the new iPad app, selected tweets expand to preview the media attached to them.

What's it all about? Twitter is pushing to unify the user experience across its website and all its apps -- and the new iPad app now matches up with the other products. The header image is aimed at competing with Facebook to make Twitter the platform where you "express yourself" and "get to know people."

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