The Red & Black
Polina Marinova and Julia Carpenter have regained their jobs as editor-in-chief and managing editor, respectively, of University of Georgia newspaper The Red & Black. The newspaper reported the rehires in a statement from students and the paper's board, which is independent of the university. Marinova and other staffers walked off the job at the student paper in a dispute over editorial autonomy last week.

The students who walked out were successful in getting a board member ousted and guaranteeing no prior review of their work. In a tweet, they said they'd achieved another goal, student presence on the board. They also apologized for leaving their posts:

As journalists, it went against our instinct and training to walk out of a newsroom on deadline. We extend an apology to those who were adversely affected.

Marinova and Carpenter said on Sunday that they planned to reapply for their jobs. "Heading into that conversation, the former staff has worked to resolve some remaining concerns about transparency, including obtaining the organization’s bylaws," they wrote.

The board's statement expresses "continued confidence" in Red & Black publisher Harry Montevideo, who apologized after scuffling with a student reporter.

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