USA Today tweaked its print redesign, Editor-in-Chief David Callaway told readers in a front page note Monday. "We've darkened and enlarged the typeface throughout the paper," Callaway writes. The weather map gets more color, and the crossword is back where it was.

Callaway's note to readers

When USA Today redesigned its print paper in September, it went from a font called Gulliver to one called Chronicle Grade 1 for body copy. "It is the same size as the previous font, Gulliver, but is less condensed and a lighter-weight font with more contrast, providing enhanced legibility," the organization announced at the time.

The redesigned uses a sans-serif face for body copy.

USA Today may be hearing from readers on another point Monday: Callaway's note includes a typo: "We take critique from our loyal readers seriously and want you to know we're listening."

The paper's front page in full, courtesy of the Newseum (click above to view larger image).