Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk ran the home pages of various news organizations' websites through PageSpeed Online, a Google Web tool. The Washington Post's website, which ombudsman Patrick Pexton pilloried last fall for loading slower than porn sites, boasts a 32.4 percent improvement over last year. (This year: 90 out of 100; last year: 68.) It's now one point faster than The Huffington Post and tied with Breaking News, CBS News, CNET, the Economist and Mashable. The Post is now much faster than The New York Times, which scored 75.

The fastest site Sherk tested was Yahoo News (96); the slowest was Al Jazeera English (62).

For what it's worth, I tested Poynter's home page; it scored an 81, equal to the Chicago Tribune, Slate and the Financial Times' U.S. home page.

Thanks to Elana Zak for pointing this out.